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Restaurant mini-brewery

Restaurant mini-brewery
the best solution for business

A number of people preferring “live”, craft beer rather than tasteless bottle one increases daily. That’s why more restaurants and bars purchase in-house brewing equipment to increase influx of clients. The brewery located in restaurant hall brings uniqueness into interior of the bar or pub, attracts attention of the visitors, enhances their confidence and thus yields decent profit to the owner.

We offer restaurants and bars “turn –key” mini-breweries with a productivity rate of 100 to 1000 liters of beer per day. All our own-made breweries are developed in the best Czech traditions and under European standards thereby in couple with magnificent appearance they are compact, efficient and reliable.

If you order the «Wilhelm Brauerei» mini-brewery from us you will receive:

  • Optimum performance brewery with regard to the average attendance and desirable beer quantity – all serviced by 1-2 persons.
  • Manufacturing of gut buckets with SS or copper decorative liner matching the interior.
  • Installation of the brewery equipment in the restaurant or bar
  • Trial brewing with passing on production technology and beer recipes.
  • Complete follow-up and recommendations on use of equipment.
  • Assistance in production registration and products certification.
  • Access to order any optional equipment for the mini-brewery.
  • Delivery of quality ingredients for brewing – hop, malt, yeasts.
  • Conformity of the made equipment to the ISO quality standards.
  • Breweries are own-made of the first-class European stainless steel grade AISI 304.
  • Customized approach in compliance with the clients wishes and needs.

  • Cooperation with the leading European contractors and brewing masters.

  • Warranties for tanks and vessels — up to 3 years.


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