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Our company «Wilhelm Breweries Ltd.» is the fully functional representative of JTC Group s.r.o company (Praha, Czech Republic), we deliver European brewing equipment in Russia and CIS countries.

We offer the brewing equipment of JTC Group s.r.o company:

We will help you to solve issues of start-up and promote your brewing business: we will offer you efficient techniques, will find customized solutions adjusted to the hallmark of your company, we will install the equipment at your production facility, will share brewing experience and knowledge. You can order any “turn-key” project or save expenditures having chosen existing project with original modifications.

Our personnel have solid experience in manufacturing food processing equipment. All professional employees (bonders, brewing masters, testing engineers, logisticians) have been trained by brew masters in Czech Republic and obtained core specializations on operating breweries.

To start up your business within a short time – it’s an easy thing with us!

  1. TO START WITH. Even if you are a newcomer in the brewery industry, we will help you to make sense of it all. Experienced professionals will share a turned-based strategy with you to kick off the project.
  2. EASE OF COMMUNICATION. Lack of language barriers, knowing of statues, regulations and rules and of specificity of doing business in Russia and CIS countries will enable to easily negotiate and to render every consulting aid: from making up the business plan to the registration and certification of the end product.
  3. OPERATIONAL EFFICIENCY. After the contract to purchase «Wilhelm Brauerei» brewery is signed, within 24 hours our technicians can come to you to solve the issues of pre-operating phase. The terms to make the project ready shall be spelled out in the contract, so you can count on getting everything ready in time.
  4. WARRANTY.  JTC Group s.r.o made equipment warranty is up to 3 years. Within warranty period on demand we shall promptly deliver component parts and spare parts from Europe to repair or upgrade the installation. On termination of the warranty period we shall prolong further maintenance of the equipment on contract basis.
  • Conformity of the made equipment to the ISO quality standards.
  • Breweries are own-made of the first-class European stainless steel grade AISI 304.
  • Use of decorative coatings of copper and stainless steel.
  • Customized approach in compliance with the clients wishes and needs.

  • Co-operation with the leading European contractors and brewing masters.

The Czech Republic

JTC Group, s.r.o.

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Vlkova 532/8, Žižkov, 130 00 Praha 3

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